This one day event is scheduled to take place across June/July 2020 (Date TBC).

  1. Youth groups will not be required to pay a participation fee, so as to promote fair and equal access to performing arts opportunities. Participating groups will receive a shared sponsorship pot from local businesses to cover the costs of production.
  2. Youth groups must register their interest by 14th February at As this is a sponsor-dependant competition, please note that completing the online form registers your interest in taking part and does not confirm or guarantee a place.
  3. Youth groups who have registered interest via the online form will be added to a dedicated page on our website outlining the fantastic work each group does. This allows local businesses to view and sponsor the Chance to Dance youth competition.
  4. Each group’s designated amount of sponsorship (from our shared sponsorship pot) will be managed by the youth group organiser or manager. This is to cover the cost of entry, transportation to and from the event, and production costs (costumes, make-up, set, etc.)
  5. To participate a minimum group size of 10-15 performers is required.
  6. Any adults attending in a purely supervisory capacity do not need to be included in these numbers.
  7. Groups will create a 5-8 minute performance around their chosen theme. The performance will not require student stage crew participation on the event day, such as lighting and sound.
  8. The performances will be judged by industry professionals on three criteria: Presentation (hair, make-up, costume), Performance (choreography, music) and Production (set design, lighting, sound).
  9. The three winning groups will receive prizes to encourage participation in performing arts, such as workshops from world-class choreographers and tickets to touring theatre shows.
  10. Each team must allocate one dedicated ‘Youth Liaison’ to be the direct contact between them and the Chance to Dance event team.
  11. A Youth Leader Declaration must be signed prior to event by the most senior staff member within the youth group.
  12. The Youth Leader Declaration and Event Rules will be sent over in the form of an Information Pack, upon confirmation of sponsorship and participation.


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A big thank you to all our sponsors!